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Hi everyone,
I’m a little late in sharing this – and I didn’t make it either.  I am sharing one of my daughter’s first creations using My Digital Studio!  She loves it – one of her favourite things these days is for me to set her up with my laptop so she can play to her heart’s content.  I’ve taught her very little about the program – the thing with kids these days is that they’re not scared of technology, so all I did was set up a project size for her and let her go for it.  She just has a look around, tries out the various functions and uses the “undo” button if she doesn’t like what it does!  She’s already figured out how to colour the stamps with multiple colours (check it out below – our cat actually does have mostly black fur with an orange spot on her head – how’s that for detail!).  I know she can’t break it, so I don’t even bother supervising her as she uses it, I get to do something else and just answer the odd question when she gets stuck.  She knows not to open any of Mummy’s MDS project files, she has her own folder for her projects that she can save to and re-open later!

This is the card that she made for my Mum for Mother’s Day. She absolutely adores the All in the Family stamp set.  I love that although she created it digitally, it still looks like a card made by an 8 year old.   That shows you that you can have full control with MDS to create from scratch and really make it your own!  Of course after having me print it for her, she did have to add the required level of glitter glue appropriate for a crafter her age (lots!).  Oh I should say – I don’t have red hair and neither does Emma – call that artistic licence!

I hope this shows you that whatever your age, you can really show off your creative flair with MDS.  And if you’re not in a particularly creative mood, you can just go with one of the professionally designed templates that come with the software (or you can do as I’m now doing and shopping online regularly for more MDS digital downloads!)

To try the 30-day free trial of My Digital Studio, click HERE to visit my online store.  Simply create your account (or sign in if you’ve already set up your account with me) and then click on the My Digital Studio link to find the page where you can download the free trial.  Be warned it does take quite a while, and you’ll need a good broadband connection, but it’s worth the effort!  Set up your account with me and download the free trial by the end of June, and you’ll get a little gift from me (NZ only, sorry!).

Happy digital crafting!