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Hi everyone!
I hope you’ve been enjoying the long weekend and the chocolate that invariably finds it’s way into your mouth over Easter.  So far I’ve just indulged in hot cross buns (mmm they are fantastic after being toasted and smeared with a little butter….).  But my chocolate Easter bunny is calling to me so that will probably be nibbled on tonight!

I’ve been having a lot of fun learning how to use MDS – My Digital Studio (if you missed my announcement on it, click here for my last blog post with some fabulous offers for you!).  I never thought I’d be so “into” something technology related – my tech-savvy siblings roll their eyes all the time at my lack of technical abilities.  So that shows you – even if you think it’s not for you, just give the 30 day free trial a go, you may be surprised!

So far I’ve used MDS to make cards and tags and haven’t done any scrapping with it yet.  I may try that soon though – today Miss 8 and I got to watch a Monarch caterpillar turning into a chrysalis in our garden, so that was pretty special.  I should have run and got the camera but we were fascinated watching it, so I forgot all about taking pics!  It’s something that happens quickly – they hang upside down for hours and then all of a sudden the skin splits and falls off and there’s a little green alien-looking thing wriggling around into the right shape!  You have to be there right at the time it happens or you’ll miss it, it’s something I’ve only seen a handful of times in all my years of growing swan plants to raise them.  They are quite amazing and beautiful creatures really.  I’ve loved Monarchs since I was a child.  I thought we weren’t going to manage to get any through to adult butterflies this summer – we’ve had hundreds of the caterpillars hatch in our garden but until very recently, the paper wasps got them all.  Horrible things!

OK sorry about being sidetracked there – now you know there is a bit of a nature-lover inside of me too, I’m not just all about stamping!  I’ll try and take some pics of the beautiful new chrysalis in our garden, and scrap those soon.  I do have a new camera I’m trying to figure out how to use.

Tonight I thought I’d share with you some decorated jar gifts I made a month ago.  Every time we have our Extravaganza stamping event, I treat my guests to a little hand made something.  I decided this time to decorate these nice jars that I’d had in my stash for quite a while.  I did have a habit of bulk-buying things to decorate, which got a little out of hand, I’m working on reducing my stash!

I used the Fan Fair patterned papers from our Annual Catalogue and the gorgeous Natural Trim Ribbon from the Seasonal Catalogue around the sides.  It’s easy to overlook this ribbon on page 20, but it really is so nice!  On the top, I added a cardstock doily die cut using the Delicate Doilies Sizzlit die, and added a Little Leaves Sizzlit leaf die cut.  I topped those with one of the beautiful flowers from our Flower Trim in the Seasonal Catalogue and some stamped & punched Tickets using the That’s the Ticket stamp set from the Seasonal catalogue as well.  Here’s a close up of the top:

I did actually add each customer’s name to the top of their jar after I photographed these, and the jars themselves were packed full of chocolates and candy treats to sustain them through a full-on afternoon of stamping!

If you’ve been to one of our Extravaganza events before (or you haven’t and you’d like to find out how fun they are), I’m already taking reservations for our next one which is on Saturday the 13th of July.  Let me spoil you!  Feel free to ask me questions about this event or my other events & classes, I’d love to hear from you – click here to email me.

I’ll be back soon with more MDS projects and traditional hand-stamped items – I know some of you are not into the computer stuff, so don’t worry, I’m not going fully digital, I’m still here to inspire you as well!  If you have any questions about how the online ordering works, let me know – of course you can definitely just call or email me to place your orders too, there are added benefits to still doing that which I’m introducing tomorrow….  Ask me for details!

Happy Easter Sunday!