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Hi everyone,
I’m sorry for being so absent from my blog lately. I’ve been busy with work and so on as usual, but also my family have been having a very difficult time.

Today my beloved father passed away. Just over a week ago, he had what we thought was a stroke, but after tests and a number of days’ stay in hospital, we were told that he had a lesion in his brain. The news was devastating to all of us. My father changed overnight from a man who was always in control, on top of things, the head of our family, to one who could not read and remember the names of his grandchildren.

Sadly, he didn’t survive until his scheduled appointment to see a neurosurgeon on Tuesday. Yesterday he suddenly had an excruciating headache, lost consciousness in the ambulance and at the hospital the CT scan showed a massive bleed from the lesion. He had no chance of survival. My mother and I stayed with him through the night until mid-morning, when we knew for sure that he has gone to heaven to be with the Lord.

My siblings are on their way from the USA to be with us here for the difficult days ahead. Dad was always the one to organise family funerals, we didn’t expect to be arranging his so soon, as he was only 67. He was always the one to guide and advise us. There is a huge void in our lives now.

If you have placed orders with me recently, please bear with me, I have most of them here and will try to be in touch soon to get them to you somehow. I do plan to continue with my upcoming events; my Mum said that Dad would want me to be strong and carry on. He had a strong sense of responsibility and committment to others, so in his honour I will do so.

Thank you to the many of you who have already sent messages of love and support, it is very much appreciated.

Rest in peace Dad, I love you.