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Hi everyone,

Well this makes 3 days in a row I’ve posted for national blogging month, so far so good!

I thought I’d share a little giggle with you today. My darling 5 year old daughter Emma just LOVES to craft with Mummy. Hopefully she’ll keep enjoying it and then when she’s a bit older she can be my assistant at workshops and classes, a real demo-in-training!

My brother had a birthday last week and I decided to make a card for him that I’d admired in the latest Impressions newsletter, which is sent to all Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators in NZ and Australia each month, to give us tips and ideas. I don’t often totally case projects as my regular readers will know (I’ve tried to but usually go off on a creative tangent and wind up making something completely different!), but this time I really loved the card and thought it would be perfect for my not-so-little brother. I hope he’s not reading this, as it won’t have arrived yet! I’m also not telling you how old he turned as you’ll know I’m older than that!

So, I made the card myself, which is the one on the left in this photo. It’s exactly the same as the one from Impressions except that I changed the greeting, as I couldn’t be bothered getting out the stamp from A Little Birthday Cheer that they’d used (I’ve got it, but it’s not mounted yet) so I used Cheer & Wishes instead. I think the owl is so cute, don’t you?

Emma liked it so much that she demanded to be allowed to make one too, so I punched out all the bits for her (her little hands aren’t strong enough for the large punches yet), cut out the “tree” and let her loose with a 2-way glue pen. She did really well I think, those little eyes and feathers on the bird are very fiddly to stick down. The card on the right was the one she made first. If you click on the picture I think you can see it close up. It looks a little crazy, with the eyes at different heights, and looks like it’s ready to fall off it’s perch, like it has the jitters. So when Emma asked to make another one, I suggested she put the eyes on “straight” this time. The middle card is the second one she made – quite an improvement don’t you think? I had to laugh at the way it seems to be looking at the owl on her first card as if to say “look at THAT weirdo”.

The funny thing was, she thought that MY owl was the odd one!

Back tomorrow!