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… so why would I be making a Halloween card?

Hi everyone,

Well today at my work I had to make morning tea for everyone to share. And because it’s Halloween tomorrow, the organiser told me that I had to make something food-wise that fit with theme. The only thing I could think of was Dale’s Cob Loaf recipe – a cob loaf hollowed out and filled with a delicious filling, baked in the oven. The filling is green – because of the silverbeet in it, and I figured we could pretend the loaf itself was a cauldron. Unfortunately I didn’t take a pic of it, so you’ll just have to imagine what it looks like!

Anyway, Dale I’m sure you’ll be delighted (but not surprised!) to know that I won the baker’s award for the yummiest morning tea this week (there are several of us required to bake each week, so it’s a bit of a friendly competition). I got lots of compliments on it, which is not surprising as it’s so yum! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe with me!

It does take a while to bake, so while I waited this morning, I decided to make a little card to go with my entry, and make it one that would fit with Karen’s challenge on NZSU this week. So I made this little card:

The idea is to show the window frame technique, using punches to make an aperture in the card and a frame so you can see through to the inside. My card does use some retired Pumpkin Pie DSP sorry (I have lots of it left from the last catalogue), and in hindsight if I was to make this again I’d have switched the colours around a little so the Scallop circle was black to make it contrast more with the background, and have the black “ring” as pumpkin pie. But I made this card in about 10min flat this morning, so didn’t really have too much time to mess around. Tying the ribbon was the longest part!

The Jack-O-Lantern is actually two stamps, both from the Occasionally set in the main catalogue. Those of you who have visited my blog a lot may remember when I got this set last year and used it for another challenge. It has lots of little images in it, perfect for cards like this one, as they all fit perfectly in our 1 1/4″ punches. I’m getting good mileage out of this set, I tell you! (It’s on page 30 of the current catalogue in case you’re interested).
I decided to try taking the photo with some of the patterned paper in the background – that’s the other side of the sheet that I used on the card, so it gives a little bit of a contrast. The sprinkles you can see around the card are actually tiny pumpkin and bat wing shaped cupcake sprinkles. I just happened to have these in my pantry, going back to my old days as a Food Technologist and being given a heap of samples we didn’t need at work. Perfect!Well, I’m looking forward to seeing some of you on Sunday at our Creative Inkers Extravaganza in Gordonton, it’s going to be lots of fun! And next weekend we have our Extravaganza in Auckland, which I’m excited about too. If you’re not attending this time around, don’t worry, we’ll do more of these events again next year – e-mail me if you want to know when the next ones are taking place and I’ll let you know, once we have the details!Happy Halloween, if you’re celebrating that this weekend!